Biography of Tatyana Golikova

Tatyana Alekseevna Golikova – state and political figure of Russia, Minister of Health and Social Development. Tatiana was born on February 9, 1966 in Mytishchi, Moscow Region.

Education in the biography of Tatiana Golikova was received at the Plekhanov Institute of National Economy in Moscow. There, Tatiana specialized in labor economics. Immediately after graduating from the institute she began working as a junior employee at the Research Institute of Labor, where she worked until 1990. Then two years in the biography of Golikova were held as the leading economist of one of the departments of the Ministry of Finance of the RSFSR.

After that Tatyana became the chief economist in the budget policy department of the same Ministry. She took the post of deputy head in her department. She remained in office from 1995 to 1996. From July 1999 until the same month of 2002, she was Deputy Finance Minister of Russia. After that, for almost two years, Tatyana took up the post of first deputy in the same ministry. Golikova was involved in planning and budgeting.

Then, from 2007, she began working in the Ministry of Health, becoming minister. Since 2003 – State Advisor of the Russian Federation, which is another achievement in the biography of Tatyana Golikova. He has several orders, medals, issued for services to the Fatherland.

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Biography of Tatyana Golikova