Biography of Igor Pelykh

Igor Dmitrievich Pelyh – TV presenter, producer, musician, creator and presenter of the popular entertainment program “Gallop on Europe”.

Igor was born on February 3, 1974 in Ternopil. Already in his childhood, the biography of Igor Pelykh differed from his peers. The boy was very capable, creative, though not an excellent student. Was engaged in free-style wrestling. In the 9th grade Igor suffered a great misfortune – his parents were killed in a car accident. Since then, he earned his living. First, I repaired my shoes. Then he became one of the members of the rock band “Nameless”. Together with his group, he performed at various festivals. Once on “Rock Existence” for technical reasons, the band’s performance was delayed. Then Igor took the situation in his hands, went out to talk with the audience. It was there that they noticed the outstanding talent of the presenter.

After that, in the biography of Pelykh, a proposal

was made to work at the Kiev Radio Capital. And in 1999 he began to work on the TV channel “1 + 1”. Acquainted with Alexandra Lozinskaya, after a while married. The couple raised three children – Ivan’s son, Solomiya’s daughters, Ustin.

Higher education in the biography of Igor Pelykh was obtained at the Kiev National University named after Shevchenko. Pelih led the program “Not all houses” on the channel “1 + 1”, and in 2000 began to administer the site “ICTV”. A talented presenter gave out many interesting ideas, not without the help of his relatives. So once he created the project “Gallop on Europe”, then acted as the lead and producer of the program. Also led the “Labyrinth”, “On my head”. He founded the company “Horn and hooves Production”, which was engaged in the creation of television projects. In 2003, the biography of Igor Pelikh was awarded two awards. At the contest “Triumph” he received the title: “Best Leader”, as well as the award “Best show program”.

May 8, 2009 Igor Pelykh was killed in a car crash.

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Biography of Igor Pelykh