Biography of Mayakovsky

Biography of Mayakovsky

Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky – famous Soviet poet of the 20th century, publicist, playwright, artist. In addition – a talented movie actor, director and screenwriter.

Early years

Born July 7, 1893 in the village of Bagdati, Georgia, in the family of a forester. Mayakovsky had 2 sisters, and 2 of his brothers died as children.

Young Vladimir was fluent in Georgian. The first education in the biography of Mayakovsky was received in the gymnasium of the city of Kutaisi, where he entered in 1902.

In 1906 he moved to Moscow with his mother, began to study at the gymnasium number 5. The Mayakovsky Revolution did not leave it aside. Because of the inability to pay for training, he was expelled from the gymnasium. Then Vladimir Vladimirovich joined

the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party.

The beginning of the creative path

During one of the arrests, the first poem of Mayakovsky was written in prison. In 1911 Mayakovsky entered the Moscow School of Painting. Then he became interested in the work of the futurists. The first poem Mayakovsky – “Night” – was published in 1912. The following year, the writer created the tragedy “Vladimir Mayakovsky”, which he himself put and played the main role in it.

In 1915, Mayakovsky’s famous poem “Cloud in Pants” was completed. Further poetry of Mayakovsky, besides anti-war themes, also contains satirical poetry.

In the work of Mayakovsky, the film scripts take the right place. He starred in three of his films in 1918.

Travel and social activities

1918-1919 in the biography of Vladimir Mayakovsky marked by a wide spread of the theme of the revolution. He participated in the production of posters “Windows of Satire ROSTA”, in which he created signatures, drawings. In 1923 he created the creative association LEF and the magazine “LEF”, in which he was the editor. In this magazine Pasternak, Osip Brik, B. Arvatov, N. Chuzhak, Tretyakov, and others were printed.

In 1922 -1924, Mayakovsky visited Germany, France, and Latvia.

In 1925 he traveled to the USA, Mexico, Havana. In America, the poet had a brief romance with a Russian emigrant, which resulted in the birth of the daughter of Mayakovsky, Patricia.

Returning from abroad, traveling through the USSR, writing poetry, speaking with reports. Poems Mayakovsky printed in many newspapers, magazines, publications. In 1928, a famous play Mayakovsky – “Bedbug”, in 1929 – “Bath”.

Death and heritage

In the beginning of 1930 the poet was sick a lot. Further Mayakovsky waited a series of failures: his exhibition “20 years of work” did not bring success, and the premiere of the play “The Bedbug” and the play “Bath” failed. The mental state of Vladimir Vladimirovich deteriorated. And on April 14, 1930 Mayakovsky shot himself.

In honor of the great poet and playwright, many objects are named, numerous monuments are installed. Theaters. Vl. Mayakovsky are in Moscow, Norilsk, Dushanbe.

Interesting Facts
    The greatest love in the life of the poet and his muse was Lilya Yurievna Brick. With her and her husband, Osip, Mayakovsky was friends, and then moved to live in their apartment. Lily and Vladimir began a violent romance, and her husband actually succumbed to her friend. Mayakovsky was popular with women. However, the poet did not officially register any of his relations. It is known that in addition to the daughter of Patricia, Mayakovsky also has a son from the connection with the artist Lily Lavinskaya – Gleb Nikita, a Soviet sculptor. After the death of his father from blood poisoning, Mayakovsky all his life was haunted by the phobia of dying from infection. Invented by Mayakovsky and became his visiting card verse “ladder”, caused resentment among his colleagues. After all, editorial offices paid at that time not for the number of characters in the work, but for the number of lines. After reading Mayakovsky’s poem about Lenin at the Bolshoi Theater, the audience applauded for 20 minutes, Stalin was present at this production. Mayakovsky stood at the origins of Soviet advertising, for the advertising activity of the poet was criticized by some contemporaries.

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Biography of Mayakovsky