Biography of Ole Einar Björndalen

Ole Einar Bjoerndalen is an outstanding biathlete, skier, Olympic champion, world champion.

Oli Einar was born on January 27, 1974 in Drammen, Norway. Already in his childhood in the biography of Ole Bjoerndalen, sport was given an important place, and little time was devoted to learning. Ole was engaged in track and field athletics, cycling, handball, football and many other disciplines. The athlete took up biathlon in 1984, and ski training was at Bjoerndalen at the highest level since childhood.

For the first time took part in the World Cup in 1992, and in the Olympic Games – in 1994. Education in the biography of Bjoerndalen was received at the Norwegian Ski Academy. In 1994-1995, the athlete achieved the first significant victories – he took the 4th place at the World Cup.

1998 for the biathlete was favorable. Thanks to training and experience, the athlete earned his first medal in the Olympics in 1988, and also became the first in the World Cup. Since then, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen has won 89 victories in biathlon. Such a figure could not be surpassed yet by any biathlonist in the world.

Ole is a five-time Olympic champion. Also biography of Einar Bjoerndalen is known as the 14-time winner of the World Cup. He won gold in 1998, then two medals in 2003, four medals in 2005, two in 2007, one in 2008, four in 2009. The accuracy of the shooting athlete is 83%.

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Biography of Ole Einar Björndalen