Biography of Rosa Syabitova

Roza Raifovna Syabitova is a psychologist, TV presenter.

As a child, Rosa was an active child, was fond of sports. Even in adolescence, in the biography of Rosa Syabitova, she was awarded the title of Master of Sports in figure skating. After graduation she entered the institute, where she got an education as a software engineer. I got married and gave birth to two children. Even then, Rosa was active in public activities – she created a Charity Fund for Children, produced children’s programs. In addition, there was time in the biography of Rosa Syabitova for other occupations. She opened a jewelry store, she was a deputy of the City Duma.

Everything quickly changed after the death of her husband. But Rosa was not only able to get out of depression herself, but she also decided to help other people. Then Syabitova founded a dating agency. Through her efforts, Rosa not only acquaints people, but also helps to understand desires, causes of failure and uncertainty, in general – helps to find happiness. Syabitova is a member of the International Association for Personal Growth and Self-Development.

Also Rosa Syabitova in her biography is the presenter of several television programs: “Let’s get married” and “I’m looking for love.” A successful presenter and psychologist wrote several books: “How to fall in love with anyone”, “Man of dreams”, “What does a woman”, conduct courses and consultations.

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Biography of Rosa Syabitova