Biography of Pancho Gonzales

Pancho Gonzales is an American tennis player, was born in Los Angeles, has Mexican roots. At birth, in the biography of Pancho Gonzales, the name Richard Alonzo Gonzales was received.

After two consecutive victories in the US competitions on a clay court, Pancho managed to gain international fame as a member of the national team in the Davis Cup. Then the team won the competition, speaking against Australia. At that time, the athlete was noted for his exquisite skills, a strong game on the court.

Gonzales was engaged in professional tennis in 1949. After an unsuccessful national tour, he temporarily left the sport. Pancho managed to effectively return in 1954, he became a champion in professional tennis. This title in the biography of Pancho Gonzales was retained until 1963, when he left the sport for the second time. The exception was 1960 – then the athlete did not have the title.

Again returning to competitions in 1964, the tennis player went to the final of the US championship, and throughout the 1960s actively participated in competitions.

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Biography of Pancho Gonzales