Group History Ranetki

Ranetki is a rock band made up of some girls.

Biographies of the girls “Ranetki” crossed in school. Five girls were fond of music, and then decided to create their own musical group. So the date of August 10, 2005 is considered the starting point in the biography of the band “Ranetki.” After all, it was then that Anya, Natasha, Lena, Zhenya and Lera joined together in order to perform songs together.

Group members:

Guitar, backing vocals, texts: Anya Rudneva.

Guitar: Natasha Shchelkova.

Bass guitar, backing vocals: Lena Tretyakova.

Keys, vocals: Zhenya Ogurtsova.

Drums, vocals: Lera Kozlova.

Biographies of soloists of the band “Ranetki” are completely different, girls have different hobbies. So Lena is engaged in sports, Zhenya is snowboarding, and charismatic Lera is fond of motorcycles. Despite the differences in the characters, the photo “Ranetki” looks cohesive. In March 2006, the television series “Ranetki” began to appear on the screens, telling about the life of the girls, in part biographically.

Despite the fact that the age group “Ranetki” is small enough, the girls have already released one album, and also shot several clips. The second album is being prepared for the release, and in addition to it – the rehash of the first album in English.

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Group History Ranetki