Biography of Mikhail Zemtsov

Mikhail Zemtsov is an entrepreneur, Christina Orbakaite’s husband.

Mikhail was born on January 15, 1978. Zemtsov’s biography is little known about childhood and adolescence. Despite his Russian origin, Michael lives in America, is a US citizen. Mikhail’s parents are Russian, they took the boy to the US as a child.

Mikhail Zemtsov’s biography began to interest the general public after he began meeting with Kristina Orbakaite. The couple met in Miami, where Christina went to celebrate the birthday of Igor Nikolaev. Accidentally Orbakayte was on another holiday, where she saw Mikhail. According to him, he did not recognize the famous Russian singer and actress, because he was not interested in the stars of show business in Russia. Then Michael and Christina began to meet, and in 2005 they officially registered their marriage.

Michael always supported his wife. He still lives in America, but arrives to shoot Christina. And when the singer toured the US, she always accompanies it. Also, the businessman gave Christina an apartment in Miami. The main work in the life of her husband Orbakayte Mikhail Zemtsov – dentistry. He owns a dental clinic in the United States.

Mikhail Zemtsov in the photo looks very attractive: almost two-meter brunette with green eyes – almost ideal man. But there was one negative moment in Zemtsov’s life. In 2003 he was accused of burglary. As a US citizen, Mikhail received a suspended sentence.

When in September 2009 there was a scandal involving Orbakayte, her ex-husband and son Denis, Zemtsov did everything in his power to support his wife. He even flew to the shooting of the show “Let them talk” to Andrei Malakhov, where he expressed his opinion and convinced that he does not intend to permanently take his family to the United States.

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Biography of Mikhail Zemtsov