Summary “The Old Turtle” Nagibin

In the pet store, Vasya saw two small turtles, but the mother refused to buy them, because they already had an old turtle Masha, and three turtles in the house – that’s too much.

When the mother fell asleep, Vasya took Masha to the market. There he found a buyer ready to buy an old turtle for his son. Before buying this man for a long time twisted the shell in his hands, wanting to make sure that he was not empty, and the turtle, as luck would have it, refused to stick his head out.

Vasya even felt sad that Mashka so indifferently with him to part. After selling Mashka, Vasya bought small turtles for his money and happily brought them home. All day he worked with them, fed, played, and, falling asleep, told his mother how he loved his new turtles. To this, the mother noticed that the old friend was no better than the new two.

After the words of his mother, Vasya begins to torment his conscience. Mashka is already old, and it is not known whether the new owners know how to handle it properly, but he did not even have time to explain how to take care of her.

Getting up at night, he took turtles, toys and went to Mashka’s customers. Waking up and seeing that there are no turtles in the box, the mother understood everything and went for her son. Watching him from a distance, she protected Vasya, so that no one interfered with his first good deed.

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Summary “The Old Turtle” Nagibin