Biography of Marie Antoinette

Biography of Marie Antoinette

Marie Antoinette is the queen of France, the daughter of Emperor Franz I Stefan, the wife of the French King Louis XVI.

Born Marie Antoinette November 2, 1775 in Vienna in the family of Emperor Franz I and Queen Maria Theresa. After the death of Franz Stefan Maria Theresa became the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire. She successfully coped with affairs, and also tried to equip the future of her children. In some ways, the biography of Mary-Antoinette, the youngest daughter of Maria Theresa, was predetermined. To strengthen the alliance between the Habsburgs and the Bourbons, Marie Antoinette was married to the heir to the French throne of Louis XVI in 1770. He became ruler of the country in 1774, after the death of King Louis XV.

As a queen, Marie Antoinette was self-confident,

categorically inclined towards a constitutional-democratic regime. Perhaps, it was in the biography of Queen Marie Antoinette that the negative attitude of the people towards her was conditioned.

The first child of the Queen appeared at the age of 23. Five children were in the biography of Marie Antoinette. But only two survived: Louis Joseph, Maria Theresa of France.

The shakiness of the queen’s already unstable position in the eyes of the people was added by the story of the diamond necklace. Extremely expensive jewelry, which belonged to a former favorite Countess Dubarri, the jewelers sold allegedly Marie Antoinette through intermediaries. When the money for the borrowed payments were not paid, it became clear that the queen was not involved in the purchase of the necklace.

In 1789 the Great French Revolution began, one of the goals of which was the overthrow of the monarchy. After the Versailles attack in October of the same year, the royal family moved to the Parisian palace of the Tuileries. In June 1791 in the biography of Marie Antoinette and Louis was attempted to escape from Paris. Heading to the eastern border of France, they were identified by local residents and sent back to Paris.

August 10, 1789, the most important event of the French Revolution – the capture of the royal palace. In the beginning, Louis and Marie Antoinette were imprisoned in the Temple. The first was convicted of a conspiracy against the nation and state, the king. June 21, 1793 he was executed. Marie Antoinette was accused of betraying French interests. October 16, 1793, she was beheaded. In 1932, Maria Antoinette’s biography of Stefan Zweig was published.

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Biography of Marie Antoinette