Summary “Nest of wood grouses”

Apartment Sudakov in Moscow. Its owner – Stepan Alekseevich – serves somewhere in the sphere of work with foreigners. His son Proov finishes school. Father wants him to go to MGIMO. Daughter Iskra works in the newspaper in the department of letters. She’s twenty-eight years old. She is married. Iskra’s husband George (Egor) Samsonovich Yesyunin works with her father.

Prurov comes home with his friend Zoya. Zoin’s mother is a saleswoman in a stall, and her father is in prison. Prurov introduces Zoya to her mother Natalya Gavrilovna. She does not object to this acquaintance of her son, she is more concerned about Iskra’s condition-she has depression after a recent operation, besides, she has some problems with Yegor, about which she does not talk. The spark takes to heart all the letters that come to the editorial office, tries to help everyone. Egor believes that you need to be able to refuse.

Stepan Alexeyevich returns home with an Italian

and an interpreter. The foreigner really wants to look at the life of the “simple Soviet family.” Such guests are usually the case with the Sudakovs. After dinner and souvenir exchange, the foreigner leaves. Sudakov tells the family the story of his colleague Khabalkin: his son committed suicide. In addition to spiritual trauma, this means for him and the end of his career. Sudakov believes that now in place of Khabalkin will appoint him. Coming up. We need to go to the funeral, but he has business, so it’s better to go there to his wife or son. Sudakov, in order to make a pleasant son-in-law, tells him that he could be assigned to Khabalkin’s place. He believes that Yegor will go far, over the years he can replace Koromyslov himself. He remembers how quiet, timid and obliging Yegor was when Iskra only led him into the house.

Unexpectedly, Valentina Dmitrievna comes. Sudakov hardly recalls that this is his school friend. She is not a Muscovite, she came with a request for help, she has a problem: her younger son, a fifth-year student of one of the institutions of Tomsk, went to Poland

with a group of students. There he fell in love with a Polish girl, did not come to spend the night in a hotel. Naturally, everything became known in the institute, and now Dima is not allowed to defend the diploma. Valentina Dmitrievna, crying, begs Sudakova to help Dima, because after this incident he has become withdrawn in himself, walks gloomy, and she is afraid for him. Sudakov promises to help. Valentina Dmitrievna leaves, leaving a school photo for memory.

The spark goes a little walk. Natalia Gavrilovna tells her husband that she thinks that Egor is going to leave their house – to leave Iskra. Sudakov is sure that this is all nonsense. He goes to himself.

A very interesting girl comes. Ego of Ariadna Koromyslov. She came to Egor under the pretext of preparing a course work. Natalya Gavrilovna leaves them alone. This is the same girl for whose sake Yegor thinks about leaving his wife. Egor tells Ariadne about his past. Since childhood, he has sought to “climb up”, “get out in people.” And here she is – Iskra. Egor was always half-starved, almost a beggar, and suddenly it becomes possible to enter such a family. And of course, he could not miss this opportunity. He marries Iskra. Ariadne wants Yegor to tell his wife everything straight and go to her. Yegor promises. Prorov finds them behind a kiss. Ariadne leaves. Prrov gives Yegor the floor to say nothing to anyone.

The spark returns from a walk. She avoids her husband. Yegor thinks that Pror told her something. The spark goes into the office to his father, where he holds a collection of icons, stands before the icons on his knees, whispers something. Yegor notices this, follows her father. Sudakov suits a scandal, he screams at his daughter. He is afraid that someone will find out that his daughter is praying – then the end of his career. Tries to force her daughter to spit on the icons. And then Natalya Gavrilovna can not stand it. She makes her husband shut up, and Sudakov obeys. He knows that his wife – a strong woman, strong-willed (from the war she had a medal for courage and two military orders). Natalia Gavrilovna leads Iskra. Prurov kneels before the icons and asks for Egor’s death.

Morning the First. Valentina Dmitrievna sent a congratulatory telegram. Dima is not allowed to be protected. Pruro reproaches his father that he did not help. Egor says that there was no need to violate discipline. The phone rings. He takes the receiver. This is Zoya. Prova is about to leave. The father asks who he is going to. Then Proov says that Zoya is for a person, from which family. Sudakov in a rage. He forbids Prova to communicate with her, but he leaves. Natalya Gavrilovna protects them: she likes the girl. Reminds her husband of Kolya Khabalkin

. Zolotarev comes. This is a young man from the work of Sudakov. Zolotarev congratulates Yegor on his appointment to Khabalkin’s place. Sudakov’s heart is bad: he did not expect that Yegor will bypass him at work, and even on the sly. He and his wife go to another room.

Doorbell. The spark opens and returns with Ariadna Koromyslova. Ariadne tells Iskra that Yegor no longer wants to live with them, but wants to marry her, that he never loved Iskra. The spark, however, calmly listens to this and warns Ariadne that she is careful of Yegor: he will wean her to love all that she loves now, and if her father’s boss has a daughter, he will safely exchange Ariadne for her, if it is better for him career. At parting she warns Ariadne that they will not have children: Yegor recently persuaded her to a second abortion. Ariadne runs away, asking not to tell Yegor that she was here.

Included Sudakov. Natalia Gavrilovna tells him that they had a daughter of Koromyslov, whom Yegor made an offer. For Sudakov this is a huge shock. The spark is going to fly to Tomsk to help Valentina Dmitrievna. While she wants to move to the parents’ rooms, and the entrance to half Egor pound.

The phone rings. Sudakov is informed that Prova was taken to the police, because he stole some kind of briefcase. When Zoya comes, she says that her mother went to Prova to help her out. Indeed, soon Vera Vasilevna leads Prova. She knows everyone in the police station, and he is released on her word of honor. Sudakov believes that Priv came to the police specifically to annoy his father. Leaves. Priv says that he did it not to finish, as Kolya Khabalkin. They studied together. That day, Kolya wanted to say something to Prova, but the conversation did not work. Now Próvo blames himself for that.

Prurov, Zoya and Natalya Gavrilovna carry the things of Iskra to her. Yegor comes. He wants to talk with Sudakov about his appointment, but nobody wants to talk to him, he is not noticed. Sudakov and his wife are going to long acquaintances. At this time, two Negroes with an interpreter come to them. Noticing the black African masks, which Sukakov hung instead of icons, Negroes begin to pray.

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Summary “Nest of wood grouses”