Biography of James Agee

James Agee is an American writer who was born in Knoxville, Tennessee.

In 1932, James graduated from Harvard.

Soon James Agey joins the literary and journalistic life of New York. In 1932 he became a writer at the magazine “Fortune”; a reviewer of books and a film critic for “Time”; as well as a film critic for “Nation”.

In the biography of James Agee, there is a period when, during 1950, he is the scriptwriter of many films, for example, “The African Queen” and “The Night of the Hunter”, and also wrote for television. James Agey’s first major book is “Let’s become famous for famous men”, prose notes from the life of a farmer who is a resident of the south during the 1930s, and all this is accompanied by photos of Walker Evans.

His second major work, and probably the most famous of the works, is an autobiographical novel, which was published after the author’s death. His title is “Death in the Family,” written in 1957, and also awarded the Pulitzer Prize. In this novel in poetic prose, it is told about the tragic life of a man whose wife and family die.

Other works of James Agee include: “The Morning Watch” – a short story with strong autobiographical elements; “Agee on Film” – a collection of reviews, comments and scripts; “James Agee’s Letters to Father Fly” – a collection of letters to a former teacher; “Collection of poems” ; and also “The Collection of Short Prose”.

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Biography of James Agee