Biography of Gwen Stefani

Biography of Gwen Stefani

Gwen Rene Stefani is one of the founders and lead vocalist of the pop-rock band “No Doubt”.

Early period of musical career

The singer, songwriter and designer Gwen Stefani was born on October 3, 1969 in California, Anaheim. Since the star of lead singer “No Doubt” Stephanie brightly lit in the sky of show business, she managed to become a famous and significant figure both in the world of music and in the fashion world.
Sew Gwen taught her mother, and the girl woke up early for an interest in making outfits. Her love of music was influenced by Eric’s older brother, who sang songs of such groups, reviving ska, like, for example, “Madness”. It was he, along with his friend John Spence, who became the leading vocalist, and founded

the band “No Doubt”. Soon Gwen joins them, playing the role of the second vocalist. Around the same time, Stephanie begins to meet with her bandmate Tony Canal.

After the suicide of Spence in 1987, Gwen takes the lead singer’s place. For several years, the band has performed at local clubs in Orange County. And now, having signed a contract with the record label “Interscope”, in 1992 “No Doubt” releases its debut self-titled album. To my great regret, this record does not attract the attention of either critics or the music audience. In addition, the relationship between Stephanie and Canal gives a break, and in late 1993, the couple announces their break. Two years later, the group is waiting for a new loss: it leaves Eric Stephanie.

Top lines of pop charts

With his album “Tragic Kingdom” “No Doubt” breaks out into the leaders of modern popular music. Their characteristic sound – with shades of ska, punk – and pop music – conquers many new fans. The success of the album, which won the top lines of the charts, was achieved in part thanks to the hit “Just a Girl”. The clip, shot on this song, made Stephanie a star and an icon of style. Like Madonna in her time, Gwen impresses the fans with her bright individual style.

Its appearance has become a collection of many different cultures and directions: from punk-style pants with a lot of rivets, zippers and chains to bindi on the forehead – an ornament traditional for Indian women.
Known for her very personal lyrics, Stephanie takes a lot of topics from her failed relationship with Canal. It is believed that they were the inspiration for creating the popular ballad “Do not Speak”, another undeniable hit from “Tragic Kingdom”. Quite good places in the charts are the songs “Excuse Me Mr.” and “Spiderwebs”. The next album, “Return of Saturn”, is also successful, and again the lyrics of his songs reflect Stephanie’s personal experience. In the “Ex-Girlfriend”, for example, she expresses all the pain of a terrible relationship break.

Approximately at this time, Stephanie is repainted from a blonde, which is already her corporate style, in a purple color. In an interview with “Marie Clair” magazine, she tells that the new bright color was her answer to the parting with Gavin Rossdale, the lead vocalist of the grunge band “Bush”. A little later, the pair converges again.

Solo career

Stephanie’s solo career begins in 2001, when she sings the singer’s singer Eve “Let Me Blow Ya Mind” and the popular single Mobi “South Side”. Her first Grammy, she gets it for working with Eve, returning home with a reward for the nomination “Best joint rap performance.” This year “No Doubt” releases a new album “Rock Steady”, in which there is a strong influence of hip-hop music and reggae. For the songs from this album, the band received two Grammy awards for two consecutive years. In 2002, the song “Hey Baby” wins the prize for “Best pop-performance by a duet or a group with the participation of vocal”, and next year the first place in the same nomination is taken by “Underneath It All”. After the release of “Rock Steady”, in the life of Gwen there are significant changes. On September 15, 2002 in London, there was an extraordinarily magnificent wedding ceremony of Stephanie and Gavin Rossdale, in which Gwen appears in a white and pink dress made for her by John Galliano. This event the pair marks twice more, including in Los Angeles. Next year, Stephanie embodies his love of the fashion world in the LAMB clothing line.

In 2004, Stephanie released her first solo album, “Love. Angel. Music. Baby”, whose sound differs from “No Doubt”, leaving in the direction of pop and club music. The recording receives a number of positive reviews. The work on the album involves well-known authors and producers – such as Dr. Dre, Dallas Austin and Linda Perry, as well as Stefanie’s friend Tony Canal. She re-records the duet with Eve: the song “Rich Girl” becomes an undeniable hit on the album. Not satisfied with one musical success, Stephanie makes his debut in the cinema, playing the role of Jean Harlow in the film “Aviator”, where her partner in the set is Leonardo DiCaprio.

Her next solo project, “The Sweet Escape”, again takes off to the top of the charts. The title track of the album, performed in a duet with hip-hop performer Akon, brings her a new Grammy award. A successful solo career and the release of the popular clothing line provides Stephanie with a tight schedule. But this does not prevent her from reuniting “No Doubt”: in 2009 the band announces the start of a national tour, for which Stephanie suspends her solo projects.

The reunion of “No Doubt”

In 2012, Stephanie revives the “No Doubt”. In July this year, the band performs at the Teen Choice Awards, where it announces the release of its new album “Push and Shove”, its first recording in the last 11 years. This album clearly hears the influence of the same ska, which brought Gwen and her friends world fame. And “No Doubt” is serious about attaining the former success, undertaking an intensified advertising campaign and compiling dense touring schedules to promote his album.


In 2014 Stephanie makes a new turn in his career. She signs a contract to participate in the popular contest “The Voice”, in which she becomes a judge, replacing Christina Aguilera, who left the show. The reason for the temporary withdrawal of Aguilera was the second pregnancy of the singer – in August 2014 she had a daughter. Beginners Stephanie and Farrell Williams, along with the old-timers of the show Blake Shalton and Adam Levine, become the new judges of the seventh season of the program.

Personal life

At the moment Stephanie and Rossdale reside in Los Angeles. On May 26, 2006, the couple had a son, Kingston James McGregor Rossdale. The second son, Zuma Nasta Rock, is born on August 21, 2008, and on February 20, 2014 the third child is born in the family, Apollo Bowie Flynn Rossdale. Rossdale has a daughter from the alliance with fashion designer Pearl Lowe.


“In my opinion, I managed to hold a bunch of people, because I know that I’m a fool.” I’m an eccentric. “

“I never fight people, I can not even fight with my husband, because immediately I start to roar.”

“I remember when I was in school, we were asked the question:” Who will you be when you grow up? “And I had to draw this, I painted myself a bride.”

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Biography of Gwen Stefani