Summary of the “Green Mile” King

Summary of the “Green Mile” King

Part 1. Two murdered girls

Paul serves as the head of the prison guard in the suicide bomber, which because of the green linoleum is called the Green Mile. In the adjoining to the Mile room there is an electric chair. In that year, three more Miley guards are added one more – Percy. This cruel young man, a relative of the governor, could get any work, but he chose a suicide bomber, and Paul has to endure it.

In the fall, John Coffey, a huge black man and a powerful physique condemned to the death penalty for the murder and rape of white twin girls, is transferred to Mil. Coffey is very meek. He is afraid of the dark, seems a bit inhibited and cries all the time. In his strange eyes, “an expression of calm absence,” as if Coffey himself is somewhere far away.


the newspapers, Paul learns of his crime. The daughter of the owner of the cotton farm disappeared at night from a closed terrace. After a long search with the dogs they were found in a forest glade. John Coffey rocked the naked dead girls, cried and said: “I tried to bring everything back, but it was too late.” No one doubted the guilt of the black, although during the search for the dog found another trace.

Paul wants to keep a calm environment on Mile, but with the arrival of Percy, peace is impossible. He is hated not only by prisoners, but also by guards.

It resembled a portion of arsenic injected into the wedding cake.

The head of the prison, Moors, calls Paul and asks for a little more patience. Percy is going to transfer to the clinic for the mentally ill, but before that he wants to command the execution – this is his condition. Paul agrees with everything.

In summer, even before Coffey arrived, a very smart mouse appeared on Mile. Zverek regularly bypasses the empty cameras, as if looking for someone. Percy tries to kill the mouse, but she escapes in the straitjacket for the violent, which on Mile serves as a storeroom.

Part 2. Mouse on the Mile

The mouse comes to Milla only in the absence of Percy. Soon on Milya translated Edward Delacroix, Paul seems

that the mouse was waiting for him. A small bald Delacroix, nicknamed Del, was convicted of rape, murder and set on fire. Having committed a crime, he seemed to splash out the accumulated evil in him and turned into a modest and quiet little man.

Percy hates Cases and constantly mocks him. Percy calms down only when Paul promises that he will command the execution of the Cause.

It’s funny how some people change under the influence of the right stimulus.

Affairs call the mouse Mr. Jings. The mouse runs around the Cause and rolls the wooden coil. Del thinks that this is the one he trained the mouse, but the guards are convinced that Mr. Jingle could have done it before.

While Paul aggravates the urinary infection, and the head of the prison Murs finds out that his wife has brain cancer, Mile is being transferred to Wild Bill. This puny, blond nineteen-year-old guy from the category of “problem children” managed to do a lot of evil. As soon as he appeared on Mile, Bill tries to strangle the guard, and he is deafened by a blow to the head.

Part 3. Hands of John Coffey

On this day, Paul especially suffers from his infection. Coffey, quietly sitting in the cell during the turmoil, beckons him to him. The rules prohibit this, but Paul seems to attract Koffi’s “unearthly” eyes. The Negro presses his hand to Paul’s groin, and that pierces something like an electric charge. Then the throbbing pain disappears, and from the mouth of Coffey flies “a cloud of small black insects.” They whiten and disappear. Paul believes that “he received healing, the present, the miraculous, from Almighty God.” He asks Coffey how he does it, but he shakes his head negatively. John does not remember what happened to him yesterday, but he knows how to heal.

Paul does not understand why God put a wonderful gift in the hands of a child killer. He goes to the crime scene. The journalist who wrote about the murder is convinced of Coffey’s guilt.

Such as your nigger, is able to bite at the first opportunity, as a mongrel can bite, if it vzbredet him in the head.

The day of the execution of the Cause is approaching. Percy must put a sponge soaked in a brine on his head, which will hold the current directly into the brain.

Violating the rules, Percy comes too close to the camera of Violent Bill, and he lacks it. From fear, Percy pisses into her pants. The deed notices this and laughs.

At night before the execution, Del plays with Mister Jingle, throws him a reel. It rolls out of the camera. The mouse runs after her, Percy steps on him and, satisfied with revenge, leaves.

Part 4. The terrible death of Edward Delacroix

Coffey asks to give the dying mouse to him, “while there is still time.” He brings Mr. Jingle to his face, sharply inhales his mouth, then again releases a cloud of black Simuli from his mouth, and the unharmed moth returns to the Cause.

While preparing the Cases for execution, Percy puts in contact a dry sponge, and the Frenchman burns alive. Paul can not turn off the electricity while Delacroix is ​​alive, because then everything will have to start again. At last Del is silent.

The helmet slipped to one side, but when we removed it, almost all the skin from the head and the remaining hair were removed with it, firmly adhering to the metal.

The frightened Percy excuses himself, but Paul understands: he wanted to create a petty dirty trick, but did not suspect what the result would be. Paul tells him not to touch Percy: because of him they can be fired, and finding a job during the Great Depression is not easy. Mr. Jings, who was waiting for the execution in Coffey’s hands, feels through him the agony of the Cause and disappears forever from Miley.

Paul reports about the incident to Murs, but that’s not up to the trouble in prison: his wife is dying. Paul believes that Coffey can help her, and collects Miley guards at home.

Part 5. Night Journey

The guards decide to secretly bring Coffey to the house of Moors and make a detailed plan.

First they neutralize Violent Bill, pouring a sleeping pills into his drink. Then pack Percy in a straitjacket and lock in a soft room. Coffey already knows that he has to cure the white lady.

Violent Bill is unconscious, but when Coffey walks past his cell, he gets up and grabs one by the hand.

Surprising was the reaction of Coffey. Is he. screamed, letting out the air through his teeth, as if touching something cold and unpleasant.

Friends manage to stealthily withdraw Coffey for the prison fence. To the house of the chief it is taken away on an old truck. Moors meets them with a gun in his hand, but Coffey calmly passes to his dying wife.

Approaching the bed, Coffey bends over, presses his mouth to the woman’s lips and takes a deep breath. A strange scream is heard. Coffey pulls back, and Paul sees that the woman is healthy. This time, Coffey does not exhale midges. On the way to prison, he gets sick.

Part 6. Coffey passes Mil

The guards barely drive Coffey to the camera. Then they release Percy and try to intimidate him. Paul, however, is sure that Percy will not be silent.

Freed, Percy heads for the exit from Miley. When he passes by Coffey’s camera, he grabs him, presses his lips to his mouth and releases black flies. Without thinking, Percy walks up to the Wild Bill’s camera, shoots him six times, then his mice fly out of his mouth. From that day on, Percy does not say a word and he is considered insane.

Paul again travels to where Coffey was arrested, talking to the deputy sheriff. He takes it to help, and meets with the father of the murdered girls. It turned out that shortly before the tragedy, he hired an assistant – Violent Bill, who, according to Paul, and killed the girls. Coffey found them, wanted to revive, but did not have time. The Negro found out about it by touching Bill, and used Percy as a weapon. Because of the color of the skin, Paul can neither open a second hearing, nor organize a coffee shoot.

The day of execution comes. Coffey tells Paul that he is tired of feeling the pain of his people around him and wants to leave. During the conversation, he takes Paul by the hand, and he feels a tingling sensation.

Now John did not know what he was doing. And suddenly I was frightened. Inside me, the lights seemed to turn on. Not only in the brain, throughout the body.

When Coffey releases his arm, Paul’s eyesight and hearing become aggravated for a while.

During the execution of Coffey, the guards cry. Paul is sure that they are killing the miracle of God, and this will be reckoned to them after death.

Thanks to the touch of Coffey, Paul lives to be a hundred and four years old. In the shed near the nursing home, Mr. Jings, who has long been gray, lives. Paul found this oldest mouse in the world on the steps of the back door. There Mr. Jings dies, and Paul lives for a very long time.

We all deserve to die, without exception, I know it, but sometimes, God, the Green Mile is too long.

Summary of the “Green Mile” King