Biography of Delilah

Dalida is a French singer and actress of Egyptian descent.

Yolanda was born in Cairo on January 17, 1933. In childhood, in the biography of Dalida, surgery was performed on the eyes. Due to a medical error, the girl developed a squint, which she corrected only at the age of 20 years with the help of surgical intervention.

Childhood and youth Yolanda held in Egypt. At the contest “Miss Undine” in 1951, she became the second, and in 1954 she won first place, becoming “Miss Egypt”. Yolanda began to work as a model, and then to act in films. At the same time, she decided to take a pseudonym, and became known to the public as “Dalilah.” The first film in the biography of Dalida was published in 1954. The next films were “Glass and Cigarette”, “Land of the Pharaohs”.

In 1954, Yolanda settles in Paris. Deciding to devote himself to singing, takes lessons from Roland Berger. Then he changes the letter “l”

to “d” in his nickname and becomes “Delilah”. To make a living, Dalida performs in various cabarets, bars.

Success did not hurry to come, and hopes left Delilah. But on the occasion of the release of the film “The Mask of Tuttanthamon” in France, Delilah flashed on the cover of the fashion magazine “Cinemonde”, was invited to perform in the program “The Stars of Tomorrow”. There she was noticed by Lucien Moriss. He invited Dalide to speak on the radio “Europe 1”. Since the moment of acquaintance, Lucien and Dalida have become friends. Tragic, but tender and supportive love flared between them.

The first record in the biography of singer Dalida “Madona” did not bring her great popularity. The real hit of Dalida came in 1956 – the song “Bambino”. A year later, more than 300,000 CDs with this hit were sold. After receiving the “Golden Disc” and a number of other awards, Dalida released a few more hits. After this, the singer Dalida begins to tour all over Europe. In 1958, she gave concerts in

America, and in 1959 returned to her homeland – in Cairo.

In 1961, finally married to Lucien Morris. However, this was not the only love in the life of Delilah. Later, she falls in love with Jean Sobieski and divorces with Morris, and the next love of the singer becomes Luigi Tenko. After suicide, Tenko Dalida also decided to die, but she was saved. In 1970, Lucien Morris, the first husband of the singer, shot himself. And in 1972, fate gave Delilah a new love, which became Richard Shamfre. With him, Dalida lived for 9 years.

Dalida’s next big hit was the song “Words, Words”. Alain Delon sang with Delilah. The song quickly took off to the top of the charts of various countries. In 1977, the singer performed the song “Salma ya Salama”, which also became popular in many countries, particularly in the Middle East.

Also in her biography, Dalida showed herself as a beautiful actress. In 1957, a film appeared with her participation “The Police of Morals”. She also starred in the films “Abduction in the Second Bureau”, “Black Orpheus”, “I Love You”, “Hotel on the Beach”. The peak of Yolanda’s acting can be considered the film “The Sixth Day”.

In 1983, Richard Shamfre died, the third great love of the singer. For her eyes began to be called “Black widow”. But Dalida continued to lead a creative life: she performed a lot, starred in films. Although in reality everything felt more lonely. In 1987, on the night of 2 to 3 May, Dalida committed suicide.

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Biography of Delilah