Biography of Catherine Gordon

Biography of Catherine Gordon

Ekaterina Viktorovna Gordon – television, radio presenter, director.

She was born on October 19, 1980. At birth she got the surname Podlipchuk.

Education in the family of scientists left a big imprint in the biography of Katie Gordon. She studied at the same time as a humanitarian gymnasium and an economic school for high school students. Then she continued her education at the Moscow State University named after Lenin, where she specialized in social psychology.

Deciding to do directorial work, I went to the Higher Courses of Scriptwriters and Directors. Since then, in the biography of Gordon, several director’s works have been performed. These include clips, videos and one movie – “The sea worries once.”

However, she showed herself more as a leader. Catherine led several programs on the radio “Mayak.” She was also co-hosted in the broadcast of “Good Hunt” on the radio “Echo of Moscow”, appeared on the radio “Culture” and “Silver Rain.”

In addition, in her biography Gordon Catherine led several programs on television. Was married to a famous presenter, director Alexander Gordon.

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Biography of Catherine Gordon