Biography of Antonio Canova

Antonio Canova is an Italian sculptor. Biography Kanova known as the history of one of the leading representatives of the neoclassical school. His influence on the art of those times was enormous. Monumental sculptures, Antonio Canova bas-reliefs are executed with elegance, brilliance, and cleanliness of outlines.

The first significant authority, which was given to the sculptor, was the creation of the monument of Clement XIV in the church of the Apostles, Rome. Then he completed the monument to Clement XIII in the Cathedral of St. Peters.

After that, Antonio Canova’s biography was followed by a number of very significant works in other countries. He created the bust of Napoleon. For this work, Canova also used several portraits, among which were two images of Napoleon in the image of the Roman emperor. The statue of George Washington for the government house in Raleigh, North Carolina, was created by Canova in 1820. Washington was represented in it in Roman armor.

Kanova’s memorabilia, sketches, sketches, several oil paintings, multi-volume correspondence, were divided between the Gypsumeca, Possanno and the city museum in Bassano.

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Biography of Antonio Canova