Biography of Alexander Kolchak

Biography of Alexander Kolchak

Alexander Kolchak is a political figure in Russia, an admiral, a polar explorer.

After receiving education in the 6th Gymnasium of St. Petersburg in the biography of Kolchak began cruising on cruisers. At that time, in the life of Kolchak, the post of assistant to the watch officer was obtained. Then he became commander, lieutenant. In 1900-1902 he took part in the expedition of Toll. In the Russo-Japanese War commander of a destroyer

In the fate of Kolchak, after receiving the rank of captain of the second rank, work began on the development of the navy. In 1912 he became a flag captain. During the First World War in his biography Alexander Kolchak worked out a plan for the mine blockade of German bases.

In 1916 Kolchak’s life history was marked by a significant

event – the receipt of the title of vice-admiral, commander of the Black Sea Fleet. Expressing loyalty to the Provisional Government, Kolchak left for Petrograd. Then in the biography of Kolchak there were trips to the USA, to Japan.

In 1918 in Omsk he received the post of maritime, military minister of the anti-Bolshevik association Directory. After the arrest of the directors of the Directory, the post of Supreme Ruler and Commander-in-Chief was received in the life of Admiral Kolchak. The troops of General Kolchak took the Urals, but soon began to suffer defeat from the Red Army.

February 7, 1920 Alexander Kolchak was shot. After the death of Kolchak, which occurred near the Ushakovka River, his body was dropped into the water. There are two versions of the location of Kolchak’s grave. The first – in the Znamensky Monastery, the second – near the station Innokentevskaya.

Kolchak’s love story is also tragic. In 1904, Sofya Omirova became the wife of Kolchak. Rostislav is the son of Kolchak and Sophia. Kolchak’s second love is Anna Timireva, after the execution of the admiral several times was condemned.

The well-known Soviet writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn placed his portrait on the wall of his library as a sign of respect and recognition of Alexander Vasilyevich.

The historical and artistic film about Kolchak was released in 2008.

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Biography of Alexander Kolchak