Biography of James Matthew Barry

James Matthew Barry is a Scottish playwright and writer. Famous for the play “Peter Pan”, – a supernatural fantasy about a boy who refused to grow.

The son of a weaver, Barry studied at Edinburgh University. He studied the basics of journalism, working in the newspaper Nottingham Journal and collaborated with many London newspapers before moving to London in 1885.

His early works “The Idyll of Old Licht” and “A Window in Thrums”, contained a fictional outline of Scottish life.

The publishing house of the novel “The Little Minister” created him a reputation as a novelist. Over the next 10 years, Barry continued to write novels such as, for example, “Sentimental Tommy” and “Tommy and Grisel”, but gradually his interest was directed to the theater.

His early plays were largely unsuccessful, but the production of the play “The Little Minister” in 1897 played a major role

in the formation of the playwright’s reputation.

Also Barry is known for the play “Peter Pan,” or “The Boy Who Does not Grow” and the novels “Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens” and “Peter Pan and Wendy.”

Many believe that the most perfect work for the entire biography of James Matthew Barry is the tragicomedy “Dearest Boy”, in which he skillfully combines realism with fantasy, and humor with pathos.

His other plays are “Qualite Street”, “Delightful Crotonton”, “What Every Woman Knows”, and one-act “Twelve Pound Bills”.

The collection of plays by James Barry was published in 1928. In the life of Barry, the mother played a big role. This relationship made him emotionally immature, and probably accelerated the break of his marriage. The lack of maturity is a tangible element in the work of James Barry.

Nevertheless, the work of Barry, being criticized for fantasy and sentimentality, attests to a deep understanding of human nature, and contains unexpected elements of irony and caustic humor.

In 1913 he received the title of Baronet, and in 1922 he was awarded the Order of Merit. From 1930 until his death, James Barry served as Chancellor at the University of Edinburgh.

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Biography of James Matthew Barry