Biography of Anastasia Melnikova

Biography of Anastasia Melnikova

Anastasia Melnikova – actress, Honored Artist of Russia, TV presenter.

Anastasia was born in Leningrad on September 19, 1969 in a family with noble roots. Her parents were doctors. Also in the family there were two more children: both brothers of Anastasia took up medical practice. And in the biography of Anastasia Melnikova was elected a different path – an actress. Father was not happy with this choice, he wanted Anastasia to study at the philological faculty.

Higher education Anastasia Melnikova in the biography received in the State Academy of Theater Arts of St. Petersburg. She graduated from St. Petersburg Theater School girl in 1990. Anastasia entered the graduate school. Then she went to the USA, where she played in a musical, and at the same time collected

material for her dissertation, which was devoted to American musicals. But to protect their work, Anastasia did not succeed. She plunged into the acting life with her head, there was no time left for anything else.

Returning to Leningrad, Anastasia began to play in the theater. Debut in the movie in Melnikova’s biography took place in 1990. Then followed a few more films: “Russian transit”, “Mania Giselle” and others.

As an actress, the biography of Anastasia Melnikova became widely known after the release of “The Street of Broken Lights”. There, the actress played Anastasia Abdulova. In the TV series, Nastya performs all the tricks on her own. Among other films Melnikova: “Idiot”, “Casus Kukotsky,” “Can not be pardoned”, “Sonya Gold Pen”, “Bes” and many others. Also starred in the series “Bandit Petersburg”, “National Security Agent”. Anastasia managed to try herself as a TV presenter, she led the projects “Dashing 90’s”, “Private visit to Anastasia Melnikova.” Participated in popular projects, for example, in “Dancing with the Stars.”

In 2002, Anastasia gave birth to her daughter Masha, who is brought up alone. All his free time he tries to spend with his daughter. In 2007, an important event took place in the biography of Anastasia Melnikova. She received the title of Honored Artist of Russia.

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Biography of Anastasia Melnikova