The world of romance in the novel by R. L. Stevenson “Treasure Island”

Robert Lewis Stevenson is an English writer, a native Scotsman, son and grandson of Scottish engineers, famous lighthouse builders. Already in these facts the biography of the writer is something mysterious, romantic.

The most famous work of Stevenson is the novel “Treasure Island”.

One day an old seaman came to the “Admiral Benbow” tavern. He was followed by his sea chest. The sailor called himself captain. He told the young man Jim Hawkins that a certain one-legged sailor was hunting for his trunk. Soon the captain died of apoplexy. Jim Hawkins found in the chest a pirate map of Flint. It marked the place where the pirate hid his treasures. And now Jim Hawkins on the ship “Hispaniola” sails to meet the dangers, to the Treasure Island. The crew was assisted by a sailor who agreed to be on the schooner as a cook. His name was Lanky John Silver. He did not have one foot, but he instilled confidence in Jim.

One day, on the way to

the island, Jim accidentally overheard Silver’s conversation, from which he learned that Silver was also hunting for Flint’s treasures, and for this he also hired a ship. Jim reported the plot to the captain, and he decided to change the card, so that Silver could not find it on her by Flint. What happened next to the expedition members on the Treasure Island convinces us of the courage, courage and resourcefulness of Jim Hawkins, in his willingness to sacrifice himself for the sake of true friendship. He ventured into a desperate act and went ashore in the boat, where the conspirators were. This act later saved from death both himself and his comrades. On the island of Jima waiting for exciting, but life-threatening adventure. Dying from Silver, he gets into the swamp, gets out of it, makes his way through thickets, stumbles upon poisonous snakes…

On the island, Jim meets Ben Gunn, left here three years ago. Ben told Jim his sad story, hoping that the young man would save him. Jim’s romantic nature sought deeds, his fearless heart prompted him further actions. He managed to return to his

own and tell us about Ben Gann.

Meanwhile, the pirates did not even think about giving up. Jim decided to act. His plan was not so bad: it was necessary to find the boat of Ben Gunn, using the night darkness, to swim to the “Hispaniola” and cut the anchor line. Jim should have prevented the robbers from going to sea. After experiencing another series of adventures, he achieved his goal. He managed to land the schooner. “Hispaniola” was pulled from the hands of bandits. “You can not do a better job in your entire life, even if you live to be a hundred years old…” said Dr. Livesey to Jim.

But there is one more circumstance that proves the high moral qualities of Jim Hawkins: he saved the life of the one-man John Silver. For Jim Hawkins his journey to Treasure Island was not an attempt to get rich. He wanted to test his forces in an unequal battle with the elements, to prove to himself that human relations are not measured by gold. He came out of all trials with honor.

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The world of romance in the novel by R. L. Stevenson “Treasure Island”