Agroindustrial complex of Russia

1. Why are the main branches of the AIC of Russia not fully fulfilling their function – do they not meet the needs of the population?

The main problem of the domestic agro-industrial complex is obsolete ways of storing and processing products, poor organization of transportation and marketing.

In addition, the yields of our fields are significantly lower than in the West. The yield of grain and leguminous crops in Russia averages 19 c / ha. In most developed countries, this indicator is more than 30 centner / ha. The record holders here are Belgium and Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. More than 50 centners per hectare are collected in the Republic of Korea, Denmark, Italy, Germany, Austria, and others.

The yield of potatoes and sugar beet in our country is also almost three times less than in developed countries. Consolation for Russian citizens can be the fact that in our country practically do not use transgenic technologies, the attitude

to which in the world is more and more cautious.

2. The light and food industry is considered to be the most socially important industries. What other industries have a similar meaning?

The light and food industries are considered the most socially significant, since they produce essentials – food and clothing, without which a person can not live for several days.

Energy is of such importance, without the activity of which the work of any of the branches of the economy is unthinkable.

3. What factors influence the location of light and food industries?

The branches of the food industry are divided into three groups, depending on whether they gravitate toward raw materials, the consumer or are equally dependent on both factors.

Similarly, the light industry can be divided. However, for the textile industry, the historical factor is also of great importance. Give examples from the text.

4. How to explain that many enterprises of light and food industry have long been emerging in the Center of Russia?

In this region, strong influence was exerted by consumer and

historical factors. In the densely populated and old-assimilated Central Russia, the products of the food and light industries were always in great demand and were easily sold, and enterprises were always provided with labor resources.

5. Why does light industry increasingly lose its dependence on agriculture, despite the fact that products of natural raw materials are increasingly valued? What is your point of view?

This is due to the development of transport. Natural raw materials for light industry are relatively easy to transport, in contrast to raw materials for production, for example, non-ferrous metals.

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Agroindustrial complex of Russia