Change in nature by human economic activity

Specify the features of the interaction of nature and man.

Man is a part of nature, differing from other representatives of the biosphere by his reason and social experience. Being engaged in economy, a person comes into conflict with nature, violates already established and stable links in ecosystems.

At what level should environmental problems be solved?

Environmental problems – from local to global – must be addressed at different levels: the family, the school, the work collective, the political party, the army and the state as a whole. Global environmental problems can be solved only by the whole world, by all states together.

What does the United Nations offer for sustainable development of nature and economy?

The UN proposes to shift to rational nature management and limit the immense consumption and use of natural resources. The seizure of natural resources must be balanced by their restoration. Then, the stability of ecosystems, and ultimately of the global ecosystem of the Earth as a whole, will not be violated.

Why should the reasonable use of nature and its protection be of an international nature?

Conservation of nature requires huge material costs and coordinated policies of all countries in the world. Every inhabitant of the Earth should contribute to the solution of environmental problems and strive to develop and transfer the ecological culture of behavior from one generation to another. Then the Earth will become our real home, in which all its inhabitants will be well and comfortable.

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Change in nature by human economic activity