About the Harm of TV

About the Harm of TV

In ancient times, the center of the family was the hearth. Cicero urged the Romans to protect the most sacred – foci, altars and graves of ancestors. Then the center of the family was a table, after which relatives gathered after a day’s work. There they not only trapeznichali, but they read the Holy Scripture. Now this place has occupied the TV. But he does not unite, but separates the family members. Everyone is enchanted by a blue screen. People do not communicate with each other.

The TV, invading our lives, effectively deprived us of our homes, turning them into theater halls where people sit for hours on the stage. The performances go without intermission, without a choice of plays, information pours from the screen with an uninterrupted uncontrolled flow. We, without

noticing it, became slaves to the TV. We frequently react to its breakdown, rather than to the illness of a loved one.

The TV has created a new kind of person – a man with an exhausted from a continuous spectacle, as from continuous drunkenness, a nervous system, a person in a state of mental decay that can not establish boundaries and a filter for external information and assimilates it, so to speak, raw – uncritically, at the level of the lowest, mechanical memory. The semantic memory was dulled, the creative forces weakened, the man became the slave of the thing, the mechanism from the slave turned into a master.

TV relaxes the human intellect. The mind must exercise, seek, overcome obstacles, just as an athlete trains his muscles. The TV gives abundant, refined, easily digestible food, from which the mind becomes sluggish, feeble, incapable of independent thinking. Already the ancient philosophers said: “Man is what he eats” – meaning not spiritual material but spiritual: what he reads, with whom he communicates, what he seeks.

The TV offers the same food to tens of millions of people. Therefore, they become similar to each other, not in the unity of spiritual love, but in the unity of monotony, they gradually lose interest in each other.

TV hypnotizes. Streams of images,

bright and saturated with passions, both visual and auditory, enslave the psyche, consciousness becomes inhibited, a person turns into a medium of the TV, perceiving his suggestions. Within a few hours he gets as many impressions as before – for a month. The nervous system wears out without enduring excessive stress, it, as if defending itself, “leaves” for illness: the possibilities of the human psyche are not unlimited.

At the screen people learn cruelty. This applies not only to “colorful” pictures of murders and violence, surrounded by a certain “heroic” atmosphere. Speech about the more terrible: the person’s experiences with television are so intense and sharp, they emptily emasculate him, that in everyday life he becomes all indifferent, cold and alienated.

Any spectacle requires empathy, we join in the field of passions, this field induces and recharges our passions. And in every cognition there is an element of sympathy, of community. And the sight of sin, becoming habitual, ceases to be disgusting.

TV – an enemy that can not be negotiated, – its aggression has no measure and limit. If the Sahara desert expands at a speed of up to five kilometers per year, then the TV marches the victorious march across the planet, drying up the last springs and springs of living life, polluting, trampling down the last oases of spirituality.

Soon the person will not need to visit friends, go to conferences, come to schools and institutes for classes, all this can be done by controlling the television system while staying in his own house. A person will be alone in the world – like in a desert: dead and cold to everything, and alien to all.

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About the Harm of TV