The Painting by Stepanov “Losi”

The Painting by Stepanov “Losi”

In his painting, AS Stepanov used, as a rule, gray and brown shades. This feature can be seen on one of his famous paintings called “Moose”. It depicts a winter overcast day.

Against the background of the gray sky in the center of the picture, the artist painted a haystack, which is covered with snow. Near the haystack there are four moose imprinted. Two of them are still quite small. One moose has huge huge horns, he looks away, as if listening to rustles. The wool of the moose is short and coarse, brown. Heads large with elongated muzzles.

In the background, there are bushes and trees covered with snow. In the distance, the forest can be seen with a dark strip.

Moose have a hard time in winter. They are not so much afraid of cold as hunger. These animals move from place to place in search of food.

It can be seen how moose specially went out to the clearing to the haystack, which people prepared for them. This moment was captured by the artist. The picture is a feeling of sadness. In the soul there is a desire to help the moose survive the harsh winters. It is especially touching to look at moose.

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The Painting by Stepanov “Losi”