Painting by Myasoedov “The Time is Strong

Painting by Myasoedov “The Time is Strong

Grigory G. Myasoedov original artist, depicting in his paintings the peasant life. The painting “A painful season, Kosci” was bought personally by the Russian Emperor Alexander the Third, who was a true connoisseur of Russian folk traditions.

The painting depicts a summer day in which the peasants are busy mowing rye. The boundless field breathes the heat and the horizon is practically invisible. Back background – a peaceful blue sky with white clouds under the hot sun. The mood of the picture is peaceful and idyllic, there is a lot of yellow in the picture.

Every swish of a peasant’s braid drops to the ground the golden ears of rye, which alternate in a field with blue cornflowers, white camomiles and a high burdock. So is the beautiful peasant laborer in a painting with the beauty of nature, and they become a reflection of each other.

Heavy peasant work has always united in the villages all generations into one. In the foreground there is an old man in a green shirt who sets the pace and direction of the movement to the others. To the sweat does not cover his eyes, he tied the hair with golden ears and from this his figure becomes even more majestic. So in life, the head of the family, the most respected elderly person in all matters, in troubles and joys, was always the first. Everyone obeyed him, and his word was final and irrevocable.

To the right of the old man is a man in a linen shirt, broad-shouldered and strong. Probably, this is his son, his support in life. Behind him is a young, curly-haired guy, who is hard at giving him an unusual job, but he does not show it. Women peasant women, on a par with everyone, gather the compressed rye and knit the sheaves of them.

Everything in the picture is permeated with love for peasant labor, on which the Russian empire was held. The beauty and greatness of the work of the peasant is very accurately conveyed in this picture by G. G. Myasoedov.

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Painting by Myasoedov “The Time is Strong