My attitude to the war is composition

My attitude to the war is composition

War. Every modern young man or girl can talk about it, based only on historical facts. But is there enough one story to convey all the horror that the same sixteen-, seventeen-year-old boys experienced at the front?

Watching the modern youth, you wonder how still frivolously we treat life! In our time, peacetime, you do not need to think about what you will eat tomorrow, where to sleep. Everything is around, we live a full life. But to imagine at least one of us in the place of those guys who at the age of seventeen left to die, who did not know what was waiting for them there, at the front. They did not think about it, because they were going to defend the Motherland. How many young lives were lost, how many fates are warped! Since the war came back or crippled, people who were broken not only physically, but most mentally, or did not return at all. You ask yourself the question: Were the right such as Hitler to take people’s lives? Who gave them this right? After all, these people also had children, wives, mothers who gave birth to them! So what kind of people are these, who are able to break the fate of children and mothers, wives and husbands? What kind of heart do they have, and is there anyway? And is the world championship of victims of so many people worth?

All these questions remain rhetorical, because no one can give an unambiguous answer to them.

But, speaking about the price of life and our attitude towards it, I want to touch upon this question as well. During the war, young people fought for their lives and gave it to their Motherland. But what is happening now with the modern youth? Around drugs, sects and other “epidemics of death.” Why do we not value the life given to us, the peaceful life with all the benefits? Why are we killing ourselves? And again, these questions remain unanswered…

Nobody knows what awaits us ahead. Maybe life will remain the same, and maybe the Third World War, about which they talk so much, may come. When I think about it, it becomes scary. War is the hardest test not only for mankind, but for the whole of nature. And if the world war breaks out now, then nuclear weapons will be used! What will this lead to? To the death of all life on the planet, the only planet that has such a treasure as life! I want to believe that after all people, like reasonable beings, eventually learn to negotiate among themselves peacefully, without creating a threat to their own life and the life of the whole world.

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My attitude to the war is composition