Now we are at the age when we do not yet know exactly who we will be in the future. But after all, how our

One of the first readers of Nikolai Gogol’s poem Dead Souls PF Zaikin described his impressions after reading the work: “Everything that is ugly, vile

One of the innovative and interesting topics in the literature of the 60s was the topic of camps and Stalinist repressions. One of the first

A person can not remain indifferent to the world around him. The objects that he uses, events, the witness or participant of which he becomes,

When I lived in the summer with my grandmother, one interesting incident happened. Grandmother had a beautiful black cat Murchik. He was very smart, but

A person must be intelligent! And if his profession does not need intelligence? And if he could not get an education: so there were circumstances?

I’m in sixth class. and, of course, I really want to graduate from high school. Without secondary education can not do, it’s understandable. At school,

The embroidered towel symbolizes hospitality, benevolence, purity of feelings, boundless love for their children. It is generously served by close and distant friends and guests.

On the usefulness of reading informative tells the reader an essay on the theme “The book is my friend”. In the pages of favorite works

In our school, I study for the third year. During this time, I really fell in love with her. In a huge and my favorite

Childhood is the happiest time. We always remember our childhood as the happiest moments of our life. However, our parents made childhood for us. Every

First a small introduction. I went to school in first grade in 1945. Then the children were admitted to school from the age of 8.