The great Russian landscape painter Isaak Levitan depicted in spring, on one of his most famous paintings “Spring: Great Water,” a spring flood, when the

What do I know about proteins? Squirrel – fidget. This is one of the most mobile animals of our forests. She, like a kitty, washes

A creative approach to business can transform any profession. Everything depends on ourselves, on how we treat work. We hear a lot about people of

Music is always present in our life, without it it is difficult to imagine the existence of mankind. But very few people know how music

Fate… An incomprehensible power that governs life… Probably, it still exists if people from ancient times still believe in it and even try to predict

The apology of the power and greatness of the Moscow kingdom and its head Ivan the Terrible is also characteristic of such a popular monument

(on the tale of Charles Perrault “Cinderella”) French writer Charles Perrault was born in 1628. And in 1697 the first collection of his fairy tales

Pushkin is the best symbol that beautifies us before the world, giving us one of the main rights to the name of the great people.

One father left his sons a legacy field. His brothers honestly divided – in half. One brother was rich and single, and the second –

This task consists of a sentence and options for placing punctuation marks. It is necessary to choose all correct variants of arrangement of punctuation marks.

Seven wonders of the world were created by people in antiquity, but there is another miracle of the world, no less amazing. It is familiar