No one knows exactly when the theatrical art appeared. It was relevant and was an indicator of high culture at almost all times. What is

About how to properly behave in the world around, in detail tells readers an instructive essay on the topic “Take care of nature.” If a

I want to start my work with a well-known truth: people, for the most part, do not appreciate what they have, they perceive it as

Adults and children are at different stages of maturity, and therefore the relationship between them is unequal. But most teenagers consider themselves quite adult and

In my opinion, man’s spiritual beauty is much more important than his outer beauty. After all, a person can be insanely beautiful, but his soul

The novel “Gone with the Wind” is one of my favorites. And the film, shot based on his motives, I do not like. Because Margaret

I live in an apartment in a high-rise building. It’s nice and cozy, but I like my own country houses more. The house that I