Mayakovsky goes to the poetic arena in a difficult period, critical for Russia. The atmosphere is heated to the limit. The first Russian revolution, flooded

The word “fairy tale” appeared in Russian in the seventeenth century. For four centuries, the meaning of the term has changed, and now it stands

Each of us sooner or later asks a question: what is the human soul? They say you need to look into your eyes and see

In the composition there are references to the story of A. Likhanov. Option 1 Betrayal is a misdemeanor, which manifests itself in the fact that

A tram was riding along the street. There were a lot of people in the car. At the bus stop four more entered: a man

Undoubtedly, the tradition of the Russian national comedy, represented by Denis Ivanovich Fonvizin, characterizes the heroes. “Nedorosl” boldly and openly beats the tyranny of landlord-serf

The main source of our knowledge of ancient Russia is medieval chronicles. In the archives, libraries and museums there are several hundred, but in fact

What is a heirloom? It is a thing sacredly preserved as a memory of the past. Such a relic became for our family an ordinary

In our time, traveling has become much easier. Now there are several types of transport that will take a person anywhere. Many people like to

Modern writer, publicist – Sergey Salnikov argues in his text about the problem of heroism. The author narrates the story that happened in the late

The famous proverb made me think: is it always necessary to measure seven times before cutting? Everyone knows the proverb “measure seven times, cut once”.

For a long time, the problem of relations between a man and a woman was solved with the help of national traditions, upbringing, religious beliefs,