Composition “Cause – time, fun – hour”

Composition “Cause – time, fun – hour”

The expression “Cause time, fun hour” has long been included in our everyday life and has become a people’s wisdom. Usually, it means that a person needs to stop messing around and get to work. Sometimes, on the contrary, it’s time to take a break from hard work.

The proverb can be understood so that time and time are not the same concepts. Time is a long interval, almost infinite, and an hour is a short, limited time. The wording “business time” can mean that the work is constant and continuous. But rest also takes place in our life, although for him only “hour” is assigned – a period that is much shorter than the time required for work.

However, this proverb also has a different meaning. Earlier, the concepts of “time” and “hour” were synonymous, and some people believe that the meaning of the ancient expression is that rest should be devoted as much time as labor.

Sometimes people, too much immersed in work, forget about rest and such simple things as walking with family, talking with friends. My dad, unfortunately, often does so, and my mother and I have to remind him that “business time, fun hour.” And others – such as my older brother – on the contrary give “fun” too much time, forgetting about the “case”. As a result, he does not have time and trouble. Here this proverb is also useful.

I believe that it’s time to distribute your time so that it does not go to the detriment of either labor or rest. My mother says that harmony in life is achieved through balance, and I agree with her. This ancient proverb also teaches us to appreciate time and not forget about its rapid flow. It helps to realize the necessity and equivalence of work and leisure. I want to build my life in such a way as to correctly combine work and rest, then it will be full and bright.

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Composition “Cause – time, fun – hour”