Biography of Galina Brezhneva

Biography of Galina Brezhneva

Galina Leonidovna Brezhneva – daughter of General Secretary Brezhnev. She was born in the city of Sverdlovsk in the family of Victoria Petrovna, Leonid Brezhnev.

Galina Brezhneva aspired to become an actress, but on the instructions of her father entered the Dnepropetrovsk State University, the Faculty of Philology. She also studied at the University of Chisinau at the Philosophical Department. She worked in the Moscow State University, the archives department of the Foreign Ministry, but is not famous for it at all.

Biography of Galina Brezhneva is known for the stormy and numerous novels, antics, shocking the whole state. Fascinated by a gymnast from the circus Milaev, Galina spent eight years on the road. She gave birth to a daughter, led a rampant, chic, adventure-rich life.

During the tour in Japan, I met Igor Kio, and ran away from my first husband. Then in the life of Brezhnev Galina Leonidovna was a lot of boyfriends, novels, bright feelings, which she did not hide. For example, with Maris Liepa, Yuri Churbanov, Boris Buryatse. For his biography, Brezhnev many times tried to reason with her daughter, to separate her from her beloved, to save herself from possible insane acts. After the death of Leonid Ilyich, Galina won a court against the state, which sought to take away expensive gifts from her father. Despite the prevailing stereotype, Galina was a kind, sympathetic person, engaged in charity, gifted her friends with gifts.

At the end of the biography Galina Brezhneva was placed in a psychiatric hospital. Kerbikova, where she got from the clinic Kashchenko. Alone she spent four years. For all the time the daughter did not visit her once, but she sold all the property of the family, so there was nowhere to go back to Galina. In 2008, there was a film about Galina Brezhneva, telling about the rampant life of a secular lioness, so pitifully over.

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Biography of Galina Brezhneva