Biography of Darya Balabanova

Daria Balabanova – actress, played the main role in the film “Julia”.

Daria was born on May 7, 1997 in Moscow. Primary education in the biography of Daria Balabanova was obtained at the Moscow Physics and Mathematics School. Along with studying at school, the girl is engaged in music and dancing. Daria studies piano at a music school, and also learns the subtleties of dance.

Once a versatile girl decided to take part in the casting of the film “Julia”, directed by Alexander Strizhenov. After the victory in the casting in the biography of...

young actress Daria Balabanova, she made her film debut. In spite of the complexity of the role, Daria perfectly coped with it. Play smart, calculating, brutal Julia Malevskaya Darya Balabanova managed to shine. This is the first actor’s work in the biography of Balabanova.

Missing knowledge the girl received straight on the site, learning from famous and experienced colleagues at work. Now Daria wants to play a positive heroine. In plans for further life, Balabanova places a special place on continuing education. The girl plans to enter the Russian Academy of Theater Arts.

Biography of Darya Balabanova