Biography of Basta

Biography of Basta

Basta is a rap singer.

Basta – was born on April 20, 1980 in Rostov-on-Don. As a teenager, in his biography Nagano showed interest in music. Already at the age of 15 he tried to create his own band, and recorded the first song at the age of 17. A year later there was a track that got a lot of popularity – “My Game”.

Then in the biography of Basta Nagano the entrance to the music school took place. But, after studying for a year at the conductor’s department, Basta left school – studies there did not correspond to his musical aspirations. Then the tour began with Igor Zhelezko. After the rapid success in the biography of rapper Nagano came a creative crisis. For a while, Basta stopped performing and recording songs.

Later he decided to resume his musical career, founded the studio at home. But it was not easy to sign a contract with any record company. With the assistance of Bogdan Titomir, Basta began to cooperate with the “Gazgolder” association. The first album in the biography of Nagano was released in 2006 – “Basta 1”. And the following year the second album – “Basta 2” was released. Then the project “Nagano” was created, which gained popularity thanks to such songs as “Insure Brother”, “Zhora” and others.

Later, Basta began to cooperate with Guf. Also in his biography Nagano reper to try himself in the role of presenter on the radio, voiced the cartoon “The Boondocks”. In 2008, he received the MTV Russia Music Awards in the Network category.

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Biography of Basta