Biography of Arnold Bennett

Biography of Arnold Bennett

Arnold Bennett is an English novelist and playwright. As one of the great 20th-century English novelists, Bennett is known for his realistic “Five Cities” novels, which tell of fictional production areas in the north of England.

Early career Bennett began with the editing of the fashion magazine “Woman” and writing literary reviews and articles.

Around 1900, he began to devote himself diligently to his work, releasing a series of beautiful novels. Under the influence of Emil Zola’s naturalism, he depicted in very great detail the cruel, sometimes beggarly, life of shopkeepers and artisans. Throughout the entire biography of Arnold Bennett, his attitude to his characters is filled with tender sympathy. He always managed to make ordinary life interesting.

Bennett’s best work is in his novel Five Cities, which includes Anna of Five Cities, The Story of Old Wives, the Cleechenger trilogy, Gilda Lesvays, and The Two.

Bennett also made significant progress as a playwright, primarily thanks to the drama “Milestones”, written in collaboration with Edward Noblok, as well as the drama “Great Adventures.”

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Biography of Arnold Bennett