Biography of Alexander Dumas

Alexander Dumas is a writer, playwright, journalist, famous for his adventure novels.

Dumas was born on December 5, 1802 in the small French town of Villiers-Cotteros in the family of a general. Thanks to the connections of their parents in the biography of Dumas, a small position was obtained in the office of the Palais Royal Palace in Paris. Serving the Duke of Orleans, after the beginning of the July Revolution of 1830, Dumas conducted an active social activity. Under the threat of arrest, Alexander Dumas fled from France to Switzerland. Dumas continued to study literature, and in Switzerland he prepared to print his work “Gallia and France.” The book, published in 1833, reflected the author’s...

interest in national history. Dumas studied the works of French historians, was well aware of the past of his country.

The most famous books in the biography of Alexandre Dumas are three books about the Musketeers: “Three Musketeers,” “Twenty Years Later,” “The Viscount de Bragelonne, or Ten Years Later.” Also among the most famous works of Dumas: “The Count of Monte Cristo”, “Two Diana”, “Black Tulip” and many others. In addition to adventure novels, Dumas created several comedies, dramas. For example, “The Mysteries of the Nelsk Tower”, “Christian.” For his biography, Dumas tried to found a theater, publish magazines, but all attempts ended in failure.

The writer died on December 5, 1870, being in a semi-paralyzed state.

Biography of Alexander Dumas