Biography Mary Retton

Biography Mary Retton

Mary Lou Retton – gymnast, was born on January 24, 1968 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Biography Mary Lou Retton is best known as the history of the holder of the gold medal at the 1984 Olympics.

In 1984, Retton became the first American to win the gold Olympic medal in gymnastic competitions. Summer Olympic Games in 1984 were held in Los Angeles, California. The Soviet Union then boycotted the competition as a sign of retribution for having boycotted the Olympics in Moscow four years earlier.

In addition to the gold medal in the biography of Retton, Mary earned another 2 silver, two bronze medals. Such successful competitions made the sportswoman the leader in the number of awards collected at that Olympics.

Olympic success instantly made Retton popular. She starred in several small roles in such films as “Scrooged”, “Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult”. Also, Mary often appeared as a commentator of gymnastic performances on television.

Additional data: The height of Mary is 145 cm according to the measurements of the Olympic Committee.

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Biography Mary Retton