Biography of Tatyana Navka

Tatyana Navka is a figure skater, Honored Master of Sports.

Tatyana was born on April 13, 1975 in Dnepropetrovsk. Tatiana Navka began to skate in her biography as a child. Already in 1980, she seriously engaged in figure skating. After 13 years, she began to compete for Belarus with Samvel Gezalyan.

The first sporting achievement at the European Championships in the biography of Navka was for the 1992-1993 season. Then the Navka-Gezalyan pair took the ninth place. Already in 1995 they significantly improved their results, reaching 4 places.

And the next year, Tatiana began to train and perform with Nikolai Morozov, but in 1998 she again changed her partner, now they became Roman Kostomarov. Together with him in 2001, 2002, Navka took the second place at the Russian Championship. And in the 2002-2003 season, Tanya Navki’s biography won the title of Russian Champion for the first time. The following season became extremely successful for Navka and Kostomarov. They received 7 gold medals. Among them – for the first place in the world championship, European championship, Russian championship, as well as 4 Grand Prix. Two more times for her biography Tatiana Navka won the European Championship, once – the World Cup.

Trainer and husband of Tatiana is Alexander Zhulin. Also Tatiana participated in several television projects: “Stars on Ice”, “Ice Age”.

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Biography of Tatyana Navka