Biography Marilyn Monroe

Biography Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe is a movie actress, a singer.

Norma Jean was born in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926. The first six years in the biography of Marilyn Monroe were held in a foster family. So not finishing her studies, she married Jim Daugherty. She did not work long at the aviation plant, and then she devoted herself to the modeling business.

In 1946, in the biography of Marilyn Monroe, an important event occurred – she began collaborating with the film studio Twentieth Century Fox. Then she took the name Marilyn and grandmother’s last name. But she could not get a full role. In 1948, at the Columbia Pictures studio, the first film in the biography of Marilyn Monroe was shot, where the actress fully manifested herself. A year before, she had appeared in small scenes for the first time in the films “The Terrible Miss Pilgrim,” “Nowhere! Skudda-hey!”. But the main role she first got in the film “Asphalt Jungle.”

The actress is also known for her novels. In 1954, in the biography of Monroe, a wedding was held with the playwright Arthur Miller. Marilyn lived with him for 4 years. The frenzied love story of Monroe and John F. Kennedy began in 1961, however, their connection is considered rumors that have no evidence.

One of the most popular films in the biography of Marilyn Monroe: “In Jazz Only Girls”, “Seven Years of Desire” and others.

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Biography Marilyn Monroe