Biography Annibale Caracci

Annibale Caracci – Italian artist, engraver. Biography Annibale Caracci is known as the history of the artist with incredible skill, versatility. He was a disciple of Lodovico Caracci.

Seven years, Annibale conducted in the study of the works of the masters, especially Correggio, Parmigianino, in Venice and Parma. Returning to Bologna, he joined the management of the school, which was created by Ludovico and Agostino Caracci.

Annibale remained in the Academy of Painting until 1595, when he made a trip...

to Rome. There, together with Agostino, he made out a gallery for Farnese. The ceiling, for which Annibale made thousands of preliminary drawings according to a carefully structured system, was rich in illusory elements. Among them were fake architectural, sculptural forms, which had a strong impact on subsequent artists.

One of the most famous works in the biography of Annibale Caracci is: “Christ and the Woman of Samaria”, “Flight into Egypt”, “The Dead Christ”, “The Temptation of St. Anthony”.

Biography Annibale Caracci