Biography of Vladimir Monomakh

Vladimir Vsevolodovich Monomakh – Grand Duke of Kiev, military commander.

Vladimir Monomakh was born on May 26, 1053. His father was Vsevolod Yaroslavich. Even in his youth in his biography Vladimir Monomakh became Rostov prince. Then he ran Smolensk, later – Chernigov.

After the death of Vsevolod, Yaroslavich yielded to the throne of Svyatopolk, his brother. Great credit for Prince Vladimir Monomakh in the biography was the defeat of the Polovtsians. Monomakh gave Chernigov to Oleg Svyatoslavich. Polovtsy regularly attacked Pereyaslavl princedom, where Monomakh settled. At the Lyubech congresses, Vladimir tried to rally Russia to oppose the Polovtsians. After several defeats of the Polovtsians, Rus was liberated.

When Svyatopolk died, Vladimir Monomakh suppressed the Kiev uprising and headed the country. Then came the famous “Statute of Vladimir Monomakh”. Considering the brief biography of Vladimir Monomakh, it should be noted that the period of his rule was generally favorable for Russia. Inter-civil strikes ceased.

For the whole biography Vladimir Monomakh wrote several works. For example, “Instruction”, “Letter to Oleg Svyatoslavich”, “Prayer”. The Grand Duke died on May 19, 1125.

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Biography of Vladimir Monomakh