Biography of Ivan Urgant

Ivan Andreevich Urgant – leading, humorist, actor.

Ivan was born on April 16, 1978 in a star actor’s family. His grandmother is the famous actress Nina Urgant, father and mother are also actors. So since childhood in the biography of Ivan Urgant, a lot of time was spent in the theater, however, behind the scenes. When Vanya’s parents parted, the mother’s tenderness, but at the same time, he received severity from his grandmother. And now she is the biggest critic of Ivan, because he sees all his actor’s flaws and does not hesitate to say about them.

Growing up in such a creative family, Ivan did not represent another profession, except the actor. Although he also dreamed of becoming a musician.

In 1993, the first trip to America took place in the biography of Urgant. Then he was 15 years old, and on another continent he went on an exchange. Education was first in the gymnasium at the State Russian Museum, then studied at the St. Petersburg

Academy of Theater Arts. After appearing briefly on the stage, Ivan searched for other places of work: a waiter, a singer, leading in clubs. Then in the biography of Ivan Urgant came a new period – he was invited to work for “Super-radio.” After a pleasant baritone of Urgant could be heard on “Russian radio”, “Hit FM”, and see it – on the channel MTV in the program “Cheerful Morning”.

For his biography, Ivan Urgant managed to visit the channel “Russia”, and then – “First National”. Ivan led such programs as “Big premiere”, “Spring with Ivan Urgant”, “Circus with the stars”, “Circus”. Is the successor of Makarevich – leads the program “Smack”. Together with Vladimir Pozner conducted the project “One-story America”. He is also one of the leading humorous programs “ProjectorPershilton”, a parodic TV program “Big Difference”.

For his biography he managed to star in several films, even to play the main roles. I was

shot in “From 180 and up”, “1st fast”, “Tin”, “Tumbler”, “He, she and I”, “Three and a snowflake”, “The Wizard”.

Now Ivan plays guitar, drums, pianoforte, block-flute, records his album. Ivan met for a long time, then a year lived a civil marriage with the leading Tatiana Gevorgyan. But the couple broke up. Now in the life of Urgant, two main women – the wife of Natalia Kiknadze and the little daughter of Ninochka. A popular presenter prefers to hide the details of his personal life.

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Biography of Ivan Urgant