Viktor Andreevich Yushchenko is the President of Ukraine. He was born in a small village of Horuzhevka in the Sumy region to a family of

Vasily Stepanov is a movie actor. Vasily was born in Moscow, although his parents are from a small village in the Smolensk region. In the

(1903-1944) Utkin Iosif Pavlovich (1903 – 1944), the poet. He was born on May 13 at the Khingang Station of the Sino-Eastern Railway, which his

Leo Tolstoy is a Russian writer, publicist, educator, creator of the original philosophical doctrine, known as “Tolstoyism” and evoking a broad social and cultural movement

Jean Piaget is a psychologist and philosopher, known for his theory of cognitive development. Childhood and youth Jean Piaget was the eldest son of Arthur

(born 1924) Yury Bondarev (born in 1924), a prose writer. Born March 15 in Orsk in the Urals in the family of an administrative employee.

Oleg Mikhailovich Gazmanov is a Russian singer, Honored and People’s Artist of Russia. Gazmanov was born on July 22, 1951 in a military family. He

Maria Shukshina is a Russian film actress, TV presenter. Maria was born on May 27, 1968 in the family of the film director, actor and

Leonardo da Vinci is the greatest Italian artist who made a great contribution to the art of the High Renaissance, a brilliant scientist, inventor, thinker,

(born 1937) Akhmadulina Bella (Isabella) Akhmatovna (born 1937), poetess, translator, essayist. She was born on April 10 in Moscow. She graduated from the Moscow school.

(1799 – 1837) (1799-1837), Russian poet, the founder of the new Russian literature, the creator of the modern Russian literary language. In youthful verses the

Kristen James Stewart is an American actress, winner of the MTV Movie Awards, BAFTA, who played in the movie “Twilight”, as well as in the

Ricky Henley Henderson is an American baseball player, was born in Chicago. His baseball career began with participation in the “Auckland Athletics”. As an outfielder,