Biography of Moses

Moses is a great prophet, a servant of God, the liberator of the Jewish people, the founder of Judaism. He is the main prophet of this religion and the “father” of all subsequent prophets.

Translated from Hebrew, his name means “taken from the water,” and from Egyptian – “mo” and “uzhe.” Moses was born into a Jewish family, his parents were Amram and Jochebed. At that time the Egyptian pharaoh ordered to drown in the Nile of all newborn Jewish boys. But the mother of Moses managed to hide her child and leave in a basket near the bank of the Nile, where the boy was found by the daughter of the pharaoh.
Termutis, daughter of Ramses II, took pity on the baby and left in her own nurture. She gave him an excellent education, introduced the essence of public affairs and taught all Egyptian wisdom. He also became a brave warrior, made a campaign with the Egyptian army to Ethiopia, where he married Princess Farbis.


once how cruelly treated with the Jewish people, in a fit of anger and anger, Moses killed an Egyptian overseer. Pharaoh learned about this, and Moses had to flee to the Sinai Peninsula. There he was a shepherd. Moses lived with a priest, and married his daughter, who gave him two sons.
Wearing the sheep at Mount Horeb, Moses heard the voice of God from the burning thorn bush, which called him to the liberation of the Jewish people. Returning to Egypt, Moses and his brother Aaron asked Pharaoh to lead the people of Israel to the Promised Land.

Angry, Pharaoh sent a horror into the country in the form of the so-called “10 plagues of the Egyptians”, turning the Nile’s blood into blood, sending sickness and illness to people and animals in the form of inflammations and abscesses, as well as invasion of locusts, toads, midges and flies, and sent darkness, hail and fire, as well as the death of babies and cattle.

Finally, when Pharaoh allowed the Jews to leave Egypt, Exodus began. God showed them the way through the Sinai desert to the Promised Land. During wandering in the wilderness,

God sent them water and food. During the long forty years of wandering, every day he gave manna from the sky.
Having reached Mount Sinai, God gave Moses the Ten Commandments – the rules of life of the Jews, which formed the basis of the Torah, the laws of Moses.

Wandering through the desert for the next 40 years, Moses and his people accompanied the adversities associated with sin before God and miserliness. Moses continued to pray for the sons of Israel. However, the Promised Land did not enter the Earth – he died just before the entrance to it, on Mount Nebo in 1272 BC. e. Moses lived for 120 years, was buried in the valley of the Sinai Peninsula.
Moses left behind a huge literary heritage – the first five books of the Bible, the so-called “Pentateuch”.

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Biography of Moses