Abai Kunanbayev is a Kazakh writer, poet, composer, public figure. Ibrahim was born on July 29, 1845 in Kazakhstan in the aristocratic family of the

Andrei Dmitrievich Sakharov is a physicist, a member of the Academy of Sciences, winner of the Nobel Prize, politician. Andrei Sakharov was born on May

American entrepreneur Jeff Bezos founded and headed the Amazon service. com, and in 2013 bought the “The Washington Post”. The beginning of life and career

(1917 – 1985) Kuliev Kaisyn Shuvaevich (1917 – 1985), the Balkarian poet. He was born on November 1 in the ancient Balkarian village of Verkhny

Sofia Rotaru is a singer, actress, People’s Artist of the USSR, Honored Artist of the Ukrainian SSR, People’s Artist of the Ukrainian and Moldavian SSR.

(p. 1937) Uspensky Eduard Nikolayevich (born 1937), writer. He was born on December 22 in Yegoryevsk, Moscow Region. After graduating from high school, he entered

(born 1911) Lipkin Semen Izrailevich (born 1911), poet, translator. He was born on September 6 (19 century) in Odessa in the family of a worker.

(1930 – 2001) Kozhinov Vadim Valerianovich (1930 – 2001), Russian critic, literary critic, philosopher, historian. The main works are devoted to the theory of literature,

Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak is a Russian TV presenter. Xenia was born in the family of the mayor of St. Petersburg – Anatoly Sobchak. In her

Patriarch Cyril – Patriarch of Moscow, Bishop of the Russian Orthodox Church. Metropolitan Kirill was born in Leningrad on November 20, 1946. The father of

(born 1928) Lisnyanskaya Inna Lvovna (born 1928), poetess. She was born on June 24 in Baku. Not graduating from the institute, goes to poetry. The

(1905 – 1984) Sholokhov Mikhail Aleksandrovich (1905, khutor Kruzhilin village, Veshenskaya region, Donskoy troops – 1984, village Veshenskaya, Donskoy region, 1984, Veshenskaya village, Rostov region),

Ivan Stepanovich Mazepa – hetman of Ukraine, statesman, politician. Ivan Mazepa was born on March 20, 1639, near the White Church. Education in the biography

Daria Dmitrievna Sagalova is an actress, a model known for the series “Happy Together”. Daria was born on December 14, 1984 in Podolsk. Contrary to