“Adventures of Bibigon” Chukovsky in brief

“Adventures of Bibigon” Chukovsky in brief

On the adventures of a tiny lilliput, a boy with a finger, whose name is Bibigon. Narration on behalf of the author – then prose, then poetry. The enemy of Bibigon is a turkey. The fairy tale is divided into adventure parts: Bibigon and Brundulyak, Bibigon and galosh, Bibigon and spider, Bibigon and crow, Bibigon and bee, Wonderful flight, Bibigon’s Great Victory, The End.

An excerpt from the first part:
… And suddenly in front of him is his furious enemy, the
huge and formidable turkey Brundulyak.
And the turkey shouted: Brundool! Brundool!
Now I’ll ruin you, I’ll ask you!
And it seemed to all,
That at this moment
Deathly death
threatens the Lilliputian.
But he shouted the turkey

the race:
Now cut
off your evil head!
And swinging his sword with his sword,
At the turkey, he rushed with an arrow.
And a miracle happened: a huge turkey,
Like a wet chicken, cringed suddenly,
Backed to the forest,
For a stump caught
And down his head
In a ditch fell…

And when the New Year comes, I will properly hide my tiny friends in the pocket of my warm fur coat, and we will go to the Kremlin for a Christmas tree. And I imagine how happy and happy children will be when they see with their own eyes the living Bibigon and his merry smart sister, his sword, his
triangular hat and hear his fervent speech.

If he feels that his friends surround him and Cincinnela, he will be happy to play and fool around with you, and then he will climb onto the back of a high chair and until late in the evening he will tell you about his wonderful adventures and exploits: about the battles with the shark Karakula, about the journey to the country of Talking Flowers, the combat with the sea giants Kurynd and many other adventures, of which no one has ever heard anything.

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“Adventures of Bibigon” Chukovsky in brief