Biography Rubtsov Nikolay Mikhailovich

(1936 – 1971)

Rubtsov Nikolai Mikhailovich (1936 – 1971), a poet. He was born in the village of Emetsk, Arkhangelsk region, he was an orphan early: his childhood was spent in the Vologda region in the Nikolsky orphanage. Vologda’s “little homeland” gave him the main theme of future creativity – “the ancient Russian identity,” became the center of his life, “the land… sacred,” where he felt “both alive and mortal.”
He goes to the army service in the Northern Fleet, then lives in Leningrad – a worker, in Moscow – a student at the Literary Institute. M. Gorky, makes a trip to Siberia.
In 1962 he entered the Literary Institute and became acquainted with V. Sokolov, S. Kunyaev, V. Kozhinov and other writers, whose friendly participation helped him repeatedly both in his work and in publishing his poems.
The first book of poems “Lyrics” was published in 1965 in

Arkhangelsk. Then the poetry collection “The Star of Fields” (1967), “The Soul Keeps” (19691 “Pine Noise” (1970), were published. “Green Flowers” were prepared for publication after the poet’s death, which died tragically on the night of January 19, 1971.
After the death of N. Rubtsov, his collections were published: “The Last Steamer” (1973), “Selected Lyrics” (1974), “Poems” (1977)
, Nikolai Rubtsov wrote about his poetry:
I will not rewrite
From Tyutchev and Fet’s book,
I even stop to listen to
the same Tiutchev and feta.
and I’m not going to invent
himself a special, Rubtsov
During this stop believing
in that w most Rubtsov,

I’ll check the sincere word,
That the book Tyutchev and Fet
Continue the book Rubtsova! ..
Materials used book. Russian writers and poets. A short biographical dictionary. Moscow, 2000.

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Biography Rubtsov Nikolay Mikhailovich