Summary “Tatyana Borisovna and her nephew” Turgenev

Tatyana Borisovna – a woman of about 50, with large gray eyes, bulging, ruddy cheeks and a double chin, her face breathes with affection. Widowed, she settled permanently in her little estate. She was born in a poor family and did not receive any upbringing. Despite this, she is not infected with the usual ailments of a small lady. Tatyana Borisovna is free to hold herself, feels and thinks. With neighbors, she knows little and accepts only young people. In her small rooms a person is well, warm. No one can so comfort in sorrow, as Tatyana Borisovna.

Servants she keeps a small one. Her house is run by the housekeeper Agafia, her former nanny, a kind, tearful and toothless creature. The 70-year-old Polycarp, a retired violinist, an eccentric and well-read man, Napoleon’s personal enemy and a passionate hunter to the nightingales occupy the position of valet and butler. In support of Polycarp, his grandson Vasilissa, in whom he diligently fosters hatred for Napoleon,

is singled out.

With the landlords Tatyana Borisovna little is found – she does not know how to occupy them and falls asleep to the noise of conversations. The sister of her young friend, the old maid, the kindest creature, but taut and enthusiastic, decided to finally complete the rich nature of Tatyana Borisovna. She began to go to her every day and would drive her into the coffin, if she did not fall in love with a traveling student.

About 8 years ago, her nephew Andryusha, a boy of 12, was living at Tatyana Borisovna’s, an orphan. He had large, light, moist eyes, a small mouth, a right nose and a fine exalted forehead. He spoke in a sweet voice and kept himself insinuating and quiet. From the earliest years Andryusha felt the desire to draw. Tatyana Borisovna did not feel great love for Andryusha-she did not like the servility of her nephew. Gradually she began to think about the future of the boy.

One day, Pyotr Mihalitch of Benevolensky came to see her, who was burning with an unselfish passion for art, with absolutely nothing to do with it. Benevolensky looked at Andryusha’s

drawings, and recognized him as an outstanding talent. On the same day he invited Tatyana Borisovna to take Andryusha to Petersburg and give him an art education. Two days later they left.

Every year Andrei wrote to his aunt less and less. Once Tatyana Borisovna received a note from her nephew asking him to send money. A month later he demanded more, then asked for the third time. This time Tatyana Borisovna refused, and Andryusha came to visit “for health correction.” The gentle Andryusha turned into Andrei Ivanovich Belovzorov, a broad-shouldered, fat little man with a broad red face and fat curly hair. The neatness and shyness of the previous years replaced the unbearable slovenliness and insolence.

Andrei got up with his aunt. Days he spent, howling romances and accompanying himself with one finger to the piano. For a year he became wider than himself, his aunt does not like his soul, and the neighboring girls fall in love with him. Many former acquaintances stopped going to Tatyana Borisovna. Peredkazala Julia Peskovaya

Tatyana Borisovna, a widowed woman, about fifty years old, rosy and affectionate, lives without leaving her estate. She was born in a poor family and had no upbringing. She acts freely with people, but has little contact with neighbors, and young people – her frequent guests. She can console anyone in grief.

The servants in the house are few: the housekeeper Agafia, who was still the nanny of Tatyana Borisovna, seven-year-old Polycarp, Napoleon’s personal enemy, a lover of nightingales, and his assistant is Vasya’s grandson, in whom the grandfather brings up hatred for Napoleon.

Tatyana Borisovna does not like communicating with other landowners. A frequent visitor was the sister of her young friend, terribly annoyed with attempts to educate Tatyana Borisovna. But, fortunately, I fell in love with a traveling student and left with him.

A few years ago Tatyana Borisovna had an orphaned boy, Andryusha, with beautiful and regular features of a child’s face. But he had a peculiarity of speaking in a quiet and insinuating voice that Tatiana did not like. He liked to draw from an early age. When she began to think about the future of the boy, an art lover came to visit her, but Peter Mikhailovich Benevolensky did not understand anything about them, and took Andryusha with him to Petersburg, seeing in it the rudiments of a huge talent.

Andryusha wrote less and less often to his aunt from the capital. One day she received a letter from Andryusha asking him to send money. She sent. A month later, the request was repeated. Then came the third request, to which Tatyana Borisovna refused. Then Andrey came to strengthen his health. It was already Andrey Ivanovich Belovzorov, curly, broad-shouldered, fat and red-faced guy. Now it was a slovenly and impudent man. Aunt Andrei Ivanovich stayed for a long time, as she does not like a soul in him, and girls from the neighborhood often fall in love with him. For a year he became twice as wide, knows many romances, plays along with one finger on the piano. But many of the old acquaintances no longer go to Tatyana Borisovna.

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Summary “Tatyana Borisovna and her nephew” Turgenev