Writing a mountain dreamer

A story on this beginning and end on the theme of Woe-dreamer (on exercise 408).

More and more machines come to the aid of man. And some people start to think that they will completely free us from labor. This is what my friend Foma dreams about. I really want him so that the robot does everything for him!

Once, Foma had an electronic friend. Outwardly, he looked like an inverted urn on wheels, on his head protruded antennas, with which he contacted the companion.

“Why are you sad, boy?” the robot said.

– Yes again, these tasks in mathematics were asked. They do not give me anything! Just no strength! answered Thomas.

– ABOUT! Math is my favorite subject. I will be happy to do everything for you.

The grief-student jumped up with joy and, having collected a textbook and a notebook in an armful, gave everything to his clever friend. The robot solved the problem in a couple of minutes. A lot of free time appeared in Thomas, so he managed to play football with the courtyard boys, and on the cycloscross the streets of the city.

The next day, at the mathematics class, he was summoned to the blackboard. The student had to write a task and explain its solution. How my friend was flushed, before the whole class, he had to admit that he did not know the right decision. Everyone laughed, and in the diary appeared a fat two.

From a sharp call, Thomas woke up and for a long time could not understand what had happened. Before him lay a blank notebook and a textbook on mathematics. He remembered the dream-wisher of dreams and began to solve the problem himself, so as not to disgrace himself before the class.

It turns out that even a robot can not do without studying.

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Writing a mountain dreamer